Is a comprehensive and progressive approach to your health and wellbeing, empowering you to optimize your health and life.

Your Journey to Optimal Health:

Health and wellness is often a journey and not a race; starting with engagement of both client and practitioner in a therapeutic relationship.

We offer whole-person, patient centered care, which includes mindset and attitude, physical, behavioral, emotional, social, and spiritual focus to help you achieve your best self and best health.

We believe health is a learned skill.

Our patients love us!


I can't say enough about what Leslie and her knowledge of the human body has done for me! As a woman in my late 50s, I had gained weight, was tired, and was discourage with the lack of progress I was making at the gym. I mostly left the gym more tired than energized. With all the myriad of "correct" ways to eat and get healthy on the Internet, I found myself confused and even more discouraged. I reached out to Leslie who brought clarity, simplicity, education, and empathy to my situation. She literally has been my guiding light out of the confusing discouragement. I have lost weight, learned what was causing my fatigue, and I am hopeful that I don't have to write what I was experiencing off to my getting older. I am so grateful to Leslie for giving me hope and wellness!!

~ Sara R.


Leslie Karr has made a huge difference in my life in many ways. She provided me with extensive nutrition education and guidance, which has resulted in a loss of 20 pounds, reduction of blood pressure medication and discontinuance of Lipitor (Statin med). With other previous diagnoses of gout, psoriasis and insomnia, I am now over 12 months free from these inflammatory and chronic issues. Understanding the root cause of my previous aliments has allowed me to make informed decisions about my nutrition intake. Leslie took the time to explain in simple terms why I struggled with my health. I can now make informed decisions about my nutrition, health and wellness. I felt like she embraced me as an individual with a caring and empathetic demeanor and provided a personalized plan. She recommended specific vitamins and supplements, allowing me to heal and improve my overall wellbeing. I even have more energy to exercise regularly. I cannot say enough about how she has helped change my life. And by the way, I am 70 years old.

~ Diane L.

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